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Clash Of Armour

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Welcome to a new strategy game where you will participate in thrilling real-time tank battles. There is no special plot in Clash of Armor. Your only task is to destroy all the opponent’s tanks and ruin their headquarters. If you complete this mission successfully, you will win. But your adversary is treacherous enough and will try to do the same! So now, it will depend on who will use more elaborate strategy. Are you smart enough for such a challenge?

Try to get the best tanks!

You will be able to use different tanks in your battles. Each of them comes with individual characteristics. So you must get as many vehicles at your disposal as possible. It will not be easy as you must earn enough experience points to unlock them. The next thing is to study your enemy well enough to identify his strong and weak points so as to use the appropriate tank at the right moment. In other words, you should develop the most efficient strategy to win!

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