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Clash of Clans Game Play Online Free

Clash of Clans is a fabulous multiplayer strategy project that also can be called a simulator. The game will surprise players with a non-trivial plot – it is a great combination of building arcade and fighting adventure. You will have to build your own settlement, arrange a strong base there, create a powerful army and expand your possessions. If you are ready for non-stop activity and endless fights, then this is the right entertainment for you!

Start building your base!

The first step is to arrange your settlement – it will be a village where your clan members will live. You will need to carefully approach this task and create individual buildings and structures. When you are adding nice structures to your land, do not forget that it will immediately attract the attention of your opponents. So you should not forget about effective defensive fortifications. These are needed to stop your enemies who will not miss a chance to attack your possessions. But you will need to hire specialists for this task and pay them for their work. You may use resources to pay for it. There are several resources you will need to accumulate in Clash of Clans – gold, black elixir, simple elixir and crystals. You should install a mine for gold or get it for successful fights. But to get an elixir or gem, you should capture the hostile base.

Protect your land and expand it!

Your most important task is to protect your town hall, the main construction of your settlement. The enemy can ruin all other buildings but this one should remain intact. So you need to construct reliable walls around it. At the same time, you should concentrate purely on the defense only. You also need to think about growing your territory. For this, you must create a strong army. The game offers several types of warriors – it is vital for you to get a few units of each type. Take time to study the features and capabilities of various characters. You will meet experienced warriors in the Clash of Clans that are determined to fight and win. You will also see powerful magicians that create complex spells and other magical items that help in the fight. You will even interact with ancient reptiles that easily drag weights, carry weapons and supplies. Once you feel you have enough power, you should attack other kingdoms and occupy their lands. Defeat all goblins and earn as many trophies as you can.

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