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Clash Of Vikings

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Are you brave enough to take part in the epic battles and save the world? Then do not miss Clash of Vikings! Your main mission here is to kill all your opponents and destroy all their buildings. If you fail to complete it, the game will end in a draw for you. Both armies will start from different corners of the map. You have only three minutes to lose or win the confrontation.

Always think a step ahead!

You will have to become a skillful commander and lead your army to the territory of the hostile kingdom. There is no time for wrong maneuvers. Choose the right cards and place your warriors on the battlefield. Do not forget that every character has a unique ability that you can use to achieve better results. If you want to win in a merciless clash, you should use the most winning combinations of cards and develop a working strategy to defeat the enemy. So earn as many battle points as you can and use different types of units to become a winner!

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