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Bloons TD 6

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Welcome to the sixth part of the famous confrontation between cute monkeys and balloons. The plot is still the same – you will have to stop the invasion of inflated balloons. How to do it? You can use an army of cute monkeys and build towers to fend off the attacks. You will have to distribute them correctly to stop every opponent from approaching your territory.

Enjoy new updates!

This chapter comes with 3D animation and excellent graphics. There are many new maps added, as well as new types of monkey characters. Each of them comes with unique appearance and skills. Also, you will be able to use more than two dozen towers. Moreover, now you can upgrade your monkeys until they reach the highest level of their power. But it is vital to develop an effective fighting strategy. Every next level brings more waves of balloons and you must invest coins into improvements for your units and towers. Expand your army and not miss a single opponent! Lots of fun is waiting for you!

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