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Clash of Clans Update

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If you have not yet played Clash of Clans, it is time to correct this mistake and join millions of players that already enjoy this project. It is a thrilling strategy game that will fully immerse you in a world of fierce fights and confrontations. You will have your own settlement to build, protect and grow. But you will be able to expand it only by way of attacking your neighbors and conquering their territories.

Do not miss updates

The developers of this fabulous project are listening to the community and doing their best to make the gameplay even more engaging! Thus playing never gets boring, no matter how many hours you have already spent on Clash of Clans. The game starts with a pretty straightforward task – you find yourself in the middle of an empty field which you need to transform into a prosperous kingdom. Start with a town hall and structures that produce resources. Then arrange some barracks for your warriors. Once you have all the basic fortifications, start working on your army. You will need to take part in battles for the territory to earn money and expand your kingdom. Continuously added updates allow you to build new defensive structures and add new types of warriors to your army. Moreover, you can enjoy new ways of upgrading your units and making them really super powerful.

Dive into breathtaking fights

Defense fights and raids for new territories are the most exciting part of the game. In the very beginning, you will play in solo mode and all battles will be quite primitive and controlled by artificial intelligence. You will be able only to watch these. But this way, you can understand where your army has weak places and improve these. The real fun begins when you switch to multiplayer mode and participate in clan battles. It is a non-stop confrontation between strong clans. Only one can win, while the other need to restore and lick the wounds. The latest version of Clash of Clans comes with endless possibilities making the walkthrough literally endless. And the new elements are regularly added – make sure not to miss anything. You will spend many hours on this thrilling entertainment!

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