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Slime Rush TD 2

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If you love games in a style of tower defense, do not miss a chance to play Slime Rush TD2! Your kingdom is in danger – terrible monsters have come to life and plan to capture it. Now, your main task is to break this treacherous plan and stop these terrible slime creatures. For this, you need to develop a really workable strategy to destroy the enemies!

Build protective fortifications

All you can do is construct special towers that can stop the invaders. The towers will not only prevent the slimes from getting into your castle but will kill them! However, you will not have enough of them at the start. You must extract enough resources to build them. You will receive coins for each killed enemy – use these to get more protection. You will also be able to buy archers, guns and even lasers to destroy antagonists. This is the only tactics that will help you cope with the continuously increasing flow of your disgusting opponents. Start this challenge right now!

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