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Clash of Clans 2

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Do not miss a project that was positively assessed by millions of players from around the world. It is Clash of Clans 2 – a strategy game that will immerse you in a thrilling flow of fights. You will be able to build a strong army and even proclaim your own kingdom. But it will require a lot of effort. Are you ready for such an adventure? It is practically an endless process with numerous possibilities!

Build your settlement and army

You will have to build your own kingdom. But be ready to start on the empty land. Do not worry – the game will provide you with clear instructions what constructions you need to deal with at first. Your main building is town hall – it is a central tower that need to be protected with extreme care. Also, you will need to install several buildings for your army. Do not forget about a special elixir producer – this is one of four main resources that will allow you to advance in the game. Step by step, you will feel the place with fortifications and other structures. Now, it is time to think about some units that will make a strong army. Get all types of warriors you can see in the menu. Once you really put together strong forces, you can attack other clans to capture more territory.

Participate in fierce battles!

This part of the story is the most exciting. You live among numerous clans that continuously start battles, trying to conquer each other. So, you must be very careful as your possessions will also become a tidbit for your neighbors. You should protect your town hall with enough walls to make it survive even the cruelest attack. At the same time, train your army to be capable to capture more territories for you. Once you collect enough warriors of each time, lead them to the land of your opponent and delete all structures there to make it yours. How a big kingdom can you get for yourself? You can even switch to multiplayer mode and join a clan for more thrilling gaming experience.

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