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King Rugni Tower Defense

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Enjoy a new game devoted to a tower defense theme! This time, you will transform into a brave king! Evil monsters are dreaming to get hold of your territories. And your task is to stop and destroy these creatures before they come and ruin your kingdom. It will not be an easy thing as the number of your adversaries is literally killing! How can you protect your land?

Build towers to stop the enemies!

You must collect some resources to construct your first tower. But it is not enough to have just one fortification. So start killing your monsters and earn some points for this. Use the coins to get more resources and continue the building process. You can fill the whole road with towers in this way and thus protect your castle. Step by step, you will become stronger and more powerful. If you show good progress, you will also unlock new boosters that will allow you to attack evil creatures more effectively. Make sure you are strong enough to meet super powerful bosses in the end of each level.

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