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Clash of Tanks

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If you love the fighting genre, here is new entertainment for you. In Clash of Tanks, you will find yourself in an unexplored galaxy, where you will have to participate in fierce battles to survive. This time, you will use tanks for this purpose. Are you ready to defeat an enemy that is not less powerful? Let’s dive into this exciting adventure to check it out together!

What is your mission?

You will be moving in a tank around a variety of different locations. The key point is to attack your enemies and destroy all their fortifications. But your opponents will also use tanks and will fight you back. So try to open fire as soon as you notice someone around. For each destroyed enemy tank, you will receive rewards and unlock more advanced tanks for yourself. Each tank has its weak and strong points, so it is vital to use the right vehicle at the right time. Besides, you will need to accumulate enough fuel to start this or that tank. Are you ready to accept this challenge and win?

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