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Black Stallion Cabaret

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Are you looking for unusual entertainment? Then welcome to an armored train that is full of charming dancers. These cute personages are traveling around the country and entertaining people. For successful performance, they receive coins from the satisfied audience. But the adventure is not cloudless at all. You will meet a lot of monsters on your way – they will attack your train without a stop!

Protect the dancers and earn money!

Now, you must do all in your power to fend off the attacks of the enemies. How to achieve it? Use your earned coins to reinforce the train and purchase different items to make it invulnerable. It will be also possible to redesign your train to your liking. Do not forget that monsters are becoming scarier and stronger every time. So do not stop working on improvements to your vehicle. Your ultimate goal is to bring the dancers through the country and earn as much money as possible. This unusual plot will bring you much fun!

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