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Clash of Clans New Update

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Do you want to feel strong and powerful? Then welcome to Clash of Clans! Here you will have to build your own settlement and hire enough units to form a mighty army. Actually, you will have to move in two directions in this game – construct different fortifications and strengthen your army. You will start with Town Hall and add barracks for your soldiers. And do not forget about defensive walls to protect your village from the enemies. With regard to your troop, you will have to purchase each unit. The menu offers a lot of options – each soldier comes with unique abilities, so make sure you have enough of all of them.

Once you feel you are strong enough, it is time to participate in real-time battles!

You cannot influence the cause of the confrontation and will win only if your army is stronger. Thus, you should look for new efficient strategies to succeed on the battlefield. And do not miss continuous updates that unlock new opportunities! The latest one is Town Hall 15, which will allow you to hire new units and build new structures. You will also find new spell recipes to fend off your enemies. There are a lot of new things to refresh the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

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